Under the leadership of General Manager Renee Latessa, R3 Ohio has added to the family by expanding to encompass our new R3 office in Detroit, MI! We brought stand-out employees from Ohio to help train and assist in operating the new and growing Michigan office – Pete Latessa is acting as the Michigan GM, and Tim Boetger as the Project Manager.

In addition, the Detroit team is rounded out by Mike and Tony, experienced Technicians who each bring a unique aspect to the team. Pete and Renee continue to work hard to bring R3 Ohio together with R3 Michigan as one partnership and one family, and we look forward to seeing the amazing things that are to come out of this new location helmed by an experienced team.

One of the first large tasks the R3 Michigan team completed was 25 vent and cooler cleanings within two and a half weeks. This was only possible through the organization and hard work of each individual team member.

In addition to Detroit, MI, R3 is on track to open several new offices in 2022 to serve even more markets.

Wherever you are, R3 is here for you!

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