Mold Remediation

If your business has been affected by mold, it’s important to ensure that it is quickly and effectively removed before it can cause further damage to property. Mold removal and remediation is about much more than simply bleach washing away the visible traces. Complete and effective removal of insidious problems caused by mold requires an expert, professional removal and remediation plan.

At R3 Restoration Group, we specialize mold removal from commercial properties. With years of experience and the best mold removal teams in the industry, we can obliterate damaging and harmful mold growth from your property and help return spore count levels to normal. Using commercial-grade equipment and proven techniques, R3 Restoration Group will complete the following mold removal steps:

1. Identify

Identify the cause and assess the damage to create a course of action

2. Contain

Properly contain the affected area to keep your guests, tenants, and employees safe

3. Control

Utilize commercial-grade equipment to regulate and control the facility’s moisture levels

4. Clean

Clean and decontaminate the affected area and surrounding contents

5. Remove

Complete selective demolition to remove damaged materials

6. Prevent

Apply antimicrobials to help prevent future mold growth

7. Control

Dry the structure to industry dry standards to prevent any future complications

The R3 team has the training and expertise to quickly and effectively solve any of these issues, and as part of our preventative consultation we can even look for potential problem areas you may not be aware of. As always, R3 Restoration Group will work with your team to deliver results while minimizing business interruptions.

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