When the Houston R3 team was called out to a vehicle service center following a fire, we had no idea how much damage we would find. A piece of equipment had caught fire during the night at the 45,000 square foot facility, but the fire suppression systems had worked as designed. However, as the embers smoked and smoldered all night, soot and smoke damage had damaged the equipment, and also the customer areas and office space, creating an air quality nightmare when employees arrived to open the facility in the morning.

We were the second call the client made, after the fire department. The customer already had a response plan in place, which gave us valuable information up front. We arrived just as the fire department was finishing up, and once we had assessed the facility we were able to get to work right away.

As with all of our customers, this facility had no time for downtime. We were able to work with speed and accuracy, quickly setting up air scrubbers and deodorizers to allow the facility to stay open during the restoration. Within a few hours of getting the call, we had 25 technicians on site who worked 10 hours per day for six days to complete the job.

Triage, speed, and communication were all important factors throughout the engagement. We were able to limit soot damage to electrical components, electronics, office equipment, vehicles, furniture, and more by responding quickly. We cleaned the office and customer areas first to make it safe for people to stay at work, and though our technicians kept out of the way, we still kept the customer informed of progress and needs to keep the process moving smoothly.

When disaster struck, we were able to keep our customer up and running even while helping the facility get back to pre-fire conditions. It was another job well done for the R3 team.

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