One of the many possible hazards of the spring season is the storms, which may also lead to flooding. It’s important to be prepared ahead of time to ensure spring storms don’t catch you off guard, to head off flooding as much as possible, and to be ready to get back on your feet quickly if flooding does damage your property.

There are plenty of ways a flood can cause damage, from destroying property, to creating negative environmental impact from biological contaminants, to insidious water damage that can lead to mold. But there is another hidden hazard of flooding that may not spring to mind right away: the possibility of dislodging asbestos, either due to the flood itself or from the demolition process to remove damaged walls after a flood.

We recently saw a great article in the Restoration & Remediation newsletter about this topic that we highly recommend reading if you think your property may have asbestos.

For all of these reasons, it’s important to get a professional commercial restoration company involved to remediate following water damage, and ideally to help you prepare BEFORE you have a flooding problem.

At R3, we create free preparedness plans for commercial businesses.

We believe every business should be prepared, so our first step, even before we sign a contract to do work for a company, is to help you walk through your business and think through your strategic Emergency Response Plan. Companies with ERPs can save as much as 18% on the dollar value of remediation, including getting back to business faster. It’s a no-strings-attached way for us to show you what we’re made of. And when the time comes that you need help, you’ll already have a plan in place no matter who you hire to complete your remediation.

Click here to send us a note letting us know you’d like a free, personalized ERP.

R3 is here to help you stay dry this spring!


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